Spinner? Hour Glass? Watch? Anything?

There is nothing happening… did my wireless mouse battery die? Is it frozen? Am I heading for a blue or white screen of death?

Why doesn’t Blender let me know what it is doing? Something to show that I did hit the correct key but it’s taking some time to load or calculate.

It’s kinda nerve racking. Can’t there be messages that says: Loading… Calculating… Evaluating… Simulating… I don’t remember where I seen this but I seen a UI that any button on menu selection you pressed would blink, that was nice.

Does this go against some kinda tradition? Some shameful reluctance to make Blender appear slow?

Am I asking for too much?
Lemme in on it.

Hi, Blender show what is running, in this case render:


Cheers, mib

Simulations also has a % counter.
Why not all the other things that take time?

  • Loading/saving a huge file
  • Calculating a mesh deform
  • Viewport shading