Spinnign chair with water being piped onto it - res 200.

A chair spinning around with a 4" pipe coming out of the ceiling pouring water on it

I am rendering right now with 350 resolution it baked last night.
.5 particles instead of 1
and 200 tracers instead of 500
I also subdivided smooth and added multires to domain in addition to upping the sub d and smooth options for the fluid itself. First 20 or so images look very promising.

I have tried out 6-7 other builds of blender because i hear that versions compiled with openMP can do multi core fluid baking which would be rad because I have a quad 2.5 render node just sitting here and only using one core is silly.

Q1. can someone point me in the right direction of a blender build that can work on a AMD 6400+ or a phenom 9850+ and render fluids on multiple cores. I will keep trying versions of blender today as it would save me many many hours to be able to use the other 3 cores.


Now who is gonna clean up that mess!

Your water material needs work, theses quite a good one in the blender material repository.

I have updated my material and am going to re render it later today or tonight as I am still only using blender for 2 weeks and really want to learn about particles.

Update I made the raddest pink hair using the blueplasma material.