spinning hundreds of svg paths (newbie)

Before I invest in learning Blender, I’d like to know if it can do what I need. I have Perl and Java code that generates two adjacent stacks of rectangles of varying color and size, in SVG format. I would like to spin this group 270 degrees along one edge to form a cylinder with a linear wedge cut out of it. One stack of rectangles will form the outer layer (skin) of the cylinder, and the other the core, inner layer. Adobe Illustrator can do this in one step with its 3D revolve effect, but it introduces many bizarre rendering artifacts. I’m a software engineer in an academic research lab, not a graphic designer, but I’m happy to put in some effort to make my data visually effective. If it is possible and doesn’t involve manual labor on each of the hundreds of paths, I’d appreciate if somebody could outline the steps needed. Thanks, Kevin