spinning out of control

im making a third person game.
here is what i have

i have my character
he is rigged
he has motions in the action window

here is my problem.

he no longer detects bounds

this is what i did to try and fix it

make him dynamic

here is what happened

if i put the actor on the armatures he spins out of control
if i put it on the character he spins out of control

why this is bad

i need my character to detect obstacles and stop when he runs into them
i need my character to jump and land on things

i really need help on this seemingly simple problem. normaly i would have no trouble, but since i added armatures the whole thing has got all messed up


Did you have ghost data enabled? If you do, disable it. If that doesn’t work, make sure you have collisions enables. (click your object, go into face mode, select all your faces, press “W” and then pick “collisions”.)

let your armature “rulle” the character
Make it Actor-> Dynamic and set the size sphere as the same size as the character
Enable “bounds” and “Polytope…”
Now select your character, enter Face select mode, select all faces, disable “collision” and press “Copy Draw” button.
Now, should work…
If you need collision in your character enable “collision” on the faces , and “compound” in the Armature.

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Mr. Caldwell
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