spinning the main parent limb 360 > frame spinback glitch

(Abracsis) #1

Is there a way to fix this?

making a backflip action, or roll to the left or right. Even If you ROT each key frame (for the hip, that i’m using as the main parent), at the end, when played in the real time engine, it trys to spin all the way back round in the space between the two keyframes…DAMN THING other than that, it’s a nice roll animation.

Also, i don’t understand Quads apose to rot x,y,z. why is there four Quads?



(theeth) #2

quads are composed of a vector, and the rotation around this vector. Don’t try to do quads by hand, you’ll only be able to drive yourself mad :stuck_out_tongue:


(beatabix) #3

quads can be fun to tweak, as long as you do it in a copy of an action you’ve already created.
when NaN released the rungirlrun demo i spent hours making her limp, look to the side, wave, etc. all trial and error, but to greawt effect for characterisation. and if you do it in a copy of the main action, then you don’t need to worry about fucking up.

the only solution i can think of to your dilemma, however, is to rotate the armature object with the timing you want, then animate the bones to fit. this is a really ugly solution, but maybe the only one available.