Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus

Hey guys,

for a long time now I worked at a Spinosaurus because its my favourite dinosaur and I wanted to create it in Blender.
I hope you like it and tell me your thoughts about it.

constructive critique is welcome :wink:

Great modeling work. But in my humble opinion, i would have added more detail on the claws, for example some dirt and lines that could be used as bump map. And maybe for presentation, pose it, to be more interesting, and give it a render in some woody or rocky environment. But, that is just my opinion.

It’s a great model and texture!
Though I remember quite well last time I saw a Spinosaurus walking on the street, and it doesn’t have the dots on the top of his spine.

This is really nice! I really lite the texturing… You have got my 5 stars!

really nice. you should add something to indicate scale, like a volkswagon bug. as I recall those things are huge.

Nice work on the model and the texturing, though I’m not sure if it’s supposed to look more like a toy or a realistic creature (as otherwise you might want to give the sail more SSS and increase the amount of gloss in the mouth and teeth.

First thank you all for the nice comments and helpful critiques :slight_smile:

I think I really should make the teeth more glossy and also add SSS maps to make this beast more realistic also a dirt map is a good idea
Just for fun a size comparision would look also very fancy but I wanted to composite it with nuke in a real scene and rig it and add some muscle deformations to it for more realism.

Artist on a canvas and the world is nakey- And save your photo backdrops are liken.

projcection red.