Spiral curve script messing things up.

Hello, i’m trying to animate a curve modifier rolling up a carpet, and since it will be a really long carpet making the curve by hand will be really tedious, so I used the more curves add-on to make a spiral curve, but i can’t make it work properly.

This is what the setup looks like

If the carpet moves everything works as expected, except the carpet has to move the other way.

If the curve moves, the carpet moves with it, instead of being in one place and following the curve.

Can anyone tell me what i’m doing wrong and how to make this work. everything works correctly if I make the curve myself.

can you upload sample file
would be easier to check it and help you !

happy bl

Here’s the file http://www.mediafire.com/download/i3wd0i591ic2too/Everything%2520is%2520broken

ok seems to work fine for me

what do you find wrong with this?

the plane carpet is following the curve
but you should may be suvdivide more along main axis to get a smoother anim!

if you move the carpet along X axis then it will follow the curve as it should!

what else do you want to do ?

happy bl

I want to move the curve so that it picks up the carpet, but when you move the curve the carpet moves around.

It’s fine, just scale and rotation needs to be applied/adjusted accordingly.

Late response, but thanks for the help!