Spiral Staircase (Yafray)

I’ve had som fun with automatic duplication and yafray, but I’m struggling to get a good render. C&C on both modeling and renderering are welcome. I’m a newbie to 3d apps, so please be gentle, but truthfull. :slight_smile:

Problems that I see is the shadow under the stairs, tried with extra lights, wich helped a bit, but I have problems with light strenght under yafray. I tried some image tiles under on the floor, but they looked awfull, even with Docsh parquet tiles, repeated 35x35 times, I also made a use of the the textures bump sample and adjusted the nor value, but that did’nt help either.
I’m also trying to get rid of the artifacts. BTW, I’m trying to get the wall look like wallpaper, not paint.

The blend

Two area lights.

OSA 16
AA passes 4 AA samples 6 Thres 0.005
Psz 1.500
Raydepth 6
Bi 0.01
Gam 1.0

Full -Best
Depth 3

ShadQ 9.46
Prec 5 Ref 1.0
EmitPwr 60.19
Gi Pwr 1.0

Radius 2.0
MixC 100
Tune P. OFF.

tutorial that I used.

Don’t know what you want to achieve, but if you find your shadow to hard, you can try adding more lights or -
like the shadows in my chessboard-scene https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=37076
I used a skydome (the wall emits all the light, with no other lightsources), perhaps you can use this in your scene too. But I’m still a beginner with blender so you’ll have to try.

I like your staircase, especially the wooden handrail, looks very modern.
Perhaps I’d make the steps a little broader, but nice work anyway, keep it up.

I have been using YafRay a lot lately.
It can be tricky to get the lighting right.

I downloaded your scene and made some changes.
These changes are strictly for learning.
I’m not in anyway suggesting you set this up
like I did.

Did you want the scene back so you can take a look?
If you do then you can PM me with your e-mail
and I’ll send it to you.