spiral text

hi every1 who reads this, what i am trying to do is create text on a spiral then duplicate it and make it look like a dna string! i have tried modeling it in different ways but i am not getting the effect i want, take a look at www.orange.co.uk they got a banner on there at moment which is how i want mine to look, prob a simple soloution out there knowing blender:):slight_smile:

I’m not sure if i understand you.

Here’s my shot.

In a new scene go to Front view, create a text object “bla bla”. Change to top view and move your text 1 unit in Y. It CTRL+C twice (convert to curve then to mesh). Enter editmode and select all. It SHIFT+W. Play with the mouse position. Is that it?

you could try using a curve to deform the text…now how do you do that again?..

take your text curve, apply it as a mesh (alt c twice) then add a curve modifier to it. (above subsurf in the mod stack) parent your object to the curve and type the curve’s name in the edit window

you can make your 3d curves by doing “screw” command on a point

thanks noderanger, that was it