Spiral (Yet Another First Post...)

Hey guys. I made this earlier today, and thought it wouldn’t hurt to post it here, to get some real crits and stuff :slight_smile:

It’s actually a test of Photoshop compositing, with a white AO render and a shadeless material render. Also, postworked to death :slight_smile:

wow very nice! love the style

ii wonder if u could post the different renders and how u combined them, i just love it!

if your taking the time to render multipule images and compositing them, perhaps increase the AO so it’s not so grainy, unless that’s what you wanted it to look like. I like the colors and the mesh work! Keep it up. :slight_smile:

Whoa. You guys are fast :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I didn’t save the renders (ie, I erased them after photoshopping them), but I can tell you basically what I did:

The first render (which took about 4 cigarettes to finish) was the AO, which was a basic 16 random sample, Add, Plain, 2.0 Energy, 0.5 Bias deal. It looks grainy because I have no idea how to make it look smooth o__O (any help in that direction is welcome btw)

The second one was the color render: the baterial is shadeless, with a dark, desaturated orange as the base. I’ve then applied a blend texture (colorband from transparent to yellow), with the input as Normal, on X (I think); another blend (Quad + Flip XY, colorband from transparent to light blue) with the window coordinates, (I think. I’ve messed around a lot) set to Add, provided the highlights.

A third render, white shadeless material on black background, was needed to cut out the model from the background (a RGBA png still had some fuzzy edges).

The AO render was thenadjusted in PS (basic Levels) and set on top of the color render, blending mode as Linear Dodge. The background was made with Clouds (yellow and brown sampled from the image) and some color-to-transparent gradients. A bit of monochromatic noise helped blend the background and the model.

More Levels and Curves, border and sig, and that’s basically it :slight_smile:

I hope I wasn’t too vague :smiley:

Thats a very nice pic! I think the grainyness makes the picture great but everybody else seems to think otherwise:

Heres my half ass solution to the grainyness:
Try rendering without random sampling to get rid of the unwanted grainyness it seems to work for me but its never really noticable with > 10 samples:
To tell you the truth i have absolutely no idea why your picture was grainy :-?
Maybe even some hardcore despecling in post pro might fix it but dont listen to me im an idiot when it comes to photoshop

i like the grainy-ness if ti wasnt there the picture would be boring.

how do you make griany? i wanna do that.

I think that being grainy fits that image but that’s still too grainy for me. Cool image otherwise.

maybe setting the sampling higher of the occulsion

Pretty funny

But what is it actually