Spirit Island Lake

Hey guys,
This is just a sketch I drew of an actuall place, Spirit Island on the Maligne Lakes in Alberta. I thought the place looked really nice so I decided to draw it. :slight_smile:
Hope you’s like it:

And sorry about the crappy photo :stuck_out_tongue: Scanner wasn’t big enough.

  • Trexilence

Very nice. Love the rock formations you have in the foreground, the texture on those is great. I used to wish i could go out and draw landscapeslike this from life, but i lived in Florida so it was palm trees and parking lots as far as the eye could see. Now that i live in the mountains i should get off my ass and go drawing, but it’s so dang cold now, hehe.

I keep seeing these awesome images of Canada and it makes me want to go on vacation, but it’s so much colder there, i don’t know if i’d last very long outside. Did i mention i lived in Florida until a couple weeks ago? :stuck_out_tongue:

The atmospheric perspective is really good as well, gives a nice sense of depth.

Thanks for the reply, Squiggly P. :slight_smile: I’d love to go on vacation to Canada as well, the landscapes there are great, and they’d be a nice change from here in Australia. :stuck_out_tongue: You should take some photo’s of the mountains where you live, I’d love to see what the area looks like.

  • Trexilence

Nicely rendered. Proportions are good, things are generally well done. My only critique would be a lack of contrast, though I suppose that’s your scanner. Good attention to detail there too.

Very nice! Those rocks in the foreground are indeed very good.

If you’re looking for a little critique, though, I think the cluster of trees on the island look a little “flat”. It might help to use a kneaded eraser and very gently lighten the shading on one side of each tree. Getting something like that right is incredibly hard, though, and you’ve done a good job already.

You also might also get a dirty tortillion and rub in some clouds at the top (I’m guessing it was cloudy…).

BTW, I also really like the mountains in the background, the way they just barely contrast with the pure white of the paper.

Good job. :slight_smile:

  • Clean3d

very nice, but the mountains if not of snow could have been a bit darker,
but anyways its looking nice as it is :smiley:

Hey Luke, looking good… for a bigginer haha nah man its cool, is it charcoal?

Thanks for all the replies guys, it’s always good to have some feedback :D.
Ditto: The lack of contrast would have been my fault, that’s one of the areas I need to work at more. I had to take a photo of the picture, scanner wasn’t big enough.
Clean3D: Thanks for the comment, I actually hadn’t done much on the sky at all when I took the photo, since posting I’ve worked a lot more on the clouds.
Graphik: Yeah, the mountains were covered in snow, look up ‘maligne lake, alberta’ on google for some actual photo’s of what the place looks like, it’s great.
Aidan: What’s up dawg.

  • Trexilence