Spirit Realm

Cover by [email protected]
This an FPS team project. It is intended to have:
out-of-this-world military bases
and a “one world government” that needs to be overthrown.

The Game Forum

The Story:
you are an average guy, just living life, but then die, and you meet God, and he tells you that you arnt done, and you need to go back to earth. so you do, and then you really start believing in God, and get better at doing stuff.
(that was just something i threw together real quick, please give suggestions :))

The team:
TRAITengineer - leader, modelling, texturing, animating, pretty much whatever
[email protected] - modelling, pictures
TWS Admin. - modelling (the robots!), music, sounds

More team members are welcome! we could always use more people!
pm me if you want to join.

i finally finished making the woman! here she is with the other two guys:

I should point out I’m just doing the robots (cause I like them A LOT:D:D:D)

sorry but I would like to see some screenshots and some more info on the game before I would think about joining.

@zybryanz, we would give some screenshots, but we are just starting, and don’t have any yet… :smiley:

blender kid had a story line idea:
(its not finished)
you are in the top secret government marines and they want you to be the first to test this drug that can make you transform in to any thing u want. but you reject it. so one day while you were walking a van pulls up by you, 5 guys jump out, you try to fight them but there was to many, then u wake up in this science lab strap down to a table, there are tub connected to u and fluid ruining through it. u try to get out. then u rember that u had a pocket knife, you try to get out and you got it. you cut the strap off. u get off the table

whats your opinion?

Sounds good… :smiley:

I was working on a main game page, I will post it for ideas once I am done…

maybe instead of drugs, it be a anti-disease vaccine to make someone completely impervious to disease, (pretty much the same, just a bit different) and you don’t think vaccines are good, so you decline the offer.

[email protected]: cool! looking forward to it

then how is going to be able to transform

So I guess we are making this game more like Halo is done, with a storyline running through it?

blender kid, i wasn’t planning on giving him the ability to transform…

[email protected], there are lots of games with story lines?

Not really, though I have not played many video games… I think we should use at least some of his idea… Maybe it runs through as an intro before the game? I think each of us should seperately write a one to two paragraph storyline, and we can take the best from each and combine them.

A storyline would be great :smiley:

Okay! As for the robots! Any specific design you’d like?

I think there are alot with storylines. But oh well.

Anyway that’s a good idea! Lets do that

For the robots, go to blendswap.com, search for “gun” and scroll down, there’s an indutrial robot of which I love the style. I think it’s like 2 rows down. I was thinking you could try to model robots in that style. It’s pretty awesome, it’s white, and it’s a robot arm.

I don’t know about Blender games, I was thinking about professional ones. Halo, MLB the Show, etc…

What were you using for software besides Blender? I was debating putting some credits in one corner of the main screen…

Oh yes, other software… What do you guys think? I think maybe udk, but I don’t know how to use that very well…

Did you use MakeHuman to create the human and alien?

I have never even tried using udk…

Actually I used UniHuman. It’s literally a low poly, game engine friendly version of MakeHuman. I also have makehuman but I don’t really use it very often. And in UniHuman the models come rigged! So its really quick at making game characters :slight_smile:

Nice! We’ll definately use that, at least for now. When I get home (I’m at a graduation party) I’ll put it in the main post

Btw in case you were wondering I’m using my iPhone to write this message

Okay. However, I definitely need to fix that font. I warped it, and it looks horrible. Once you are done with them, we could add the main character(s) to the page…

Edit: Ok, edited cover, we can ditch the old one…

PasteAll.org download…


I changed the name to Spirit’s Realms, especially if we are going to have different levels, I thought that made more sense… If I need to, I can change that…

I notice you removed blender kid from the list… Did he decide he didn’t want to help anymore?

I just put MakeHuman in, because I didn’t want to go searching all over for a UniHuman icon…

um thats cool, but its just “Spirit Realm”… i cant really explain it very well… but here it goes: we arnt really going to have “levels” its actually just like exploring, and completing missions or w/e… ok. ill put it this way. in the real world, there are two realms, the physical, and the spiritual. the physical realm is where all the people are. the spiritual realm is where all the spirits are, and physics dont apply. so you can fly, teleport, walk through walls, etc. alright, people have a physical body and a spiritual body. a person can use either one, but we only use our physical body. but we can learn to connect to our spiritual body, by praying and stuff, but not very many people do that.

thats pretty much what was supposed to be in the game.

so i think the title should still be “Spirit Realm”… otherwise great job on the cover!

as for blender kid: he abandoned. he didnt reply then i saw his own thread for a game he started, so i figured id take him off the list.

btw, i did a quick search, and i dont even think unihuman has an icon… maybe you could just put the name?

for example: Made with UniHuman

like right with the make human thing.


looking good! hahaha thats awesome. the inverted one looks really cool, although the icons do look odd… btw for the unihuman thing was exactly what i meant :slight_smile: um is it possible to invert it before you add the icons? like maybe remake the glowy stuff and then like invert or what ever and then put the icons on top of that?

also, did you use image sharpening on the fixed one?

maybe you could maybe center the words “Spirit Realm” but have it the same distance from the top/bottom? ill put that other one up for now.

i believe you mean prolo’s third post? but thats ok, i found it, and it looks cool! we could make something like that. maybe a robot version. if you want, you can make that. (not exactly that though, we want to be kind of original. but we can make a ball with three legs, of course :))

yeah and sorry i haven’t been on very often lately, me and my 3 brothers are all switching around our bedrooms and its taking a long time.