Spirit Realm

I don’t think I used image sharpening… At least not that I remember… XD

I will try putting the icons back in on top of the others in the color inverted image…

I guess I did mean prolo’s third post. I was having trouble counting… 1, 2, 3, 4,… :smiley:

I understand about time, my brother and I changed rooms last year, and it was a mess for several days… :slight_smile:

If you get time, would you mind looking at the .blend here, and telling me what you want changed for the game?



alright dude, i hope you didnt make any big changes to the vehicle after you posted it… i took it and pretty much optimized it for the game engine. i even gave it a transparent windshield! but i mainly just reconfigured topology.

here is the new version: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/7224

i hope thats the right link… anyway, if you want, you can add stuff, change stuff, w/e, or just be done, but we can use it :smiley:

I think I will go ahead and begin texturing it then… Do you know how to apply separate textures to the same object? I know how to do separate materials, but not textures. My best guess right now is, the texture is linked to the material you create, and it will apply it to the face with the material?

If we don’t need it, then that’s ok as well. I had already started this previously, and just decided to finish it…

i believe thats what you do for images for different parts, but if one of the textures has transparency, and you want to put both of them in the same spot, i think you can use texture layers.

and i think maybe it could be a vehicle that you can buy (in game, in course) and then maybe it drives like average on the road and stuff, but on sand it goes super duper fast. that would be cool

Okay, however you want to use it is fine with me… I think I found out how to texture it. I am thinking I will copy the .blend, as I am probably going to do a rusty, old looking one, and a shiny, new looking one…

By the way, once I am done with my model, I may need help clearing my expansive material list in it. I seem to be totally inept at removing materials completely. I had appended several object that I did not end up keeping, and filled my list to the brim…

ohh good idea! that could be useful.

ahh yes, ive had that problem. here are some tips:
if you dont want an object to have a certain material, click the material, then press the x or - button
if a material in the list has a 0 to its left, it wont exist when you reopen the blend (if the F button isnt selected)
to make the 0 appear, remove the material from all objects


Just to let you know what I am doing, I have been working texturing the sandspeeder model. I will post images on the thread soon.

alright cool

ok, i was thinking i could make a forum on freeforums.org for this game, and that could be where we communicate. what do you think about that? (any one can answer)

That would be fine.

Either PM me, or post the link here if you decide to do it.