Spitfire MK XIV

Hello Community! :slight_smile:

Here i’ll show my 2nd Contribution to the “Work in Progress” section of this Forum.

This time i made another british World War 2 Aircraft (My previous one was a “Mosquito”-Bomber a few weeks ago) in relative short time. Approximately 1 month and 1-2 weeks.

Still missing as in my earlier model is the interior stuff, which could be a heavy load of work when asking for detail :slight_smile:

Perhaps i’ll do that the next weeks, but i’m far from being perfect when speaking about heavy accurate detail. Especially when only sources are pictures from the net.

Other future plan for this and other Flight Models of myself could be some kind of Flight or Takeoff-Animation. Perhaps also a Pilot or Ground Crew? … Very interesting thought in my oppinion :slight_smile:

Very realistic - good job!

very nice achievement,
I’m looking forward to the take-off in video

Good looking model.

Hi folks! :slight_smile: … Decided to going more in Detail work with this project. This means additional stuff like interior stuff, Animations and so on.

But first of all my focus is in doing a suitable british WW2 Pilot for this Spitfire, flown in the Late 1944.

As with the plane itself first i did the modelling part in Blender, and later change over to 3D-Coat for Texture Stuff and Unwrapping. Then after that i change back to Blender for Cycles-Rendering and finetuning.

Male basic model for this Pilot “Sub-Project” within my Spitfire-Project is one of the fantastic “Manuel Bastioni Lab” Preset models integrated into Blender 2.78. The Rest of the clothing stuff and so on, is of course entirely done by myself :slight_smile:

Here 2 preview renders of the pilot:

Nice work on the pilot, he should look really good seated inside the cockpit.

The head is what you will see most and you’ve put some nice detail there.
His googles look a bit small and I think they were generally black.