Spitfire Mk XIVc -- wire pg 2

third attempt at modelling a spitfire : in the first one, the mesh was a mess, in the second the topology was ok but too complex to be textured.

cokpit, cannons and more yet to come

with the help of the new tools in upcoming 2.34, I think I have something starting to be ok. Creases made it really easier, faster and lower vertices (well as this encourage you to add more details, total stay the same)

Please comments and critic


drooldrool** :o
God, i love that fighter, its awesome
just one thing, isnt the cockpit to far back???
It should be nearer the engine I think, but mabye its like that on this type?

i think it should be like this?
but i love the model, keep going, with good textures, wow

glad you like it. I think I’m true to the blueprint I have, but it’s a small one, so errors may have crept in.

The picture you show is a mark XVI or early 18 (5 blades to helix, old 2 pieces canopy) with the shorter gryphon engine. The cockpit in those models seems indeed a litle more on the front because the wing is a bit different (lower too). You may also be fooled by the fact the pilot is seated in the front half of cockpit too.

BTW, if you know a website with good spitfire pictures, I’m interested (those I have are quite small too). The model I’m most interest in is in fact the seafire, but was not able to find usable refs.

You might hate me for it, but here are Seafire blueprints:


thanks. I wont hate you for that :wink:

But, it’s the last model (seafire mark XV), the one I wanted is the seafire II based on the spit mark Vb who had a very special wing shape and the old canopy. searched all the web and found a drawing the size of a stamp :frowning: . this plane with wings folded is fun.

and can’t use a Vb as reference, too different

theres this site http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.militaryairshows.net/spits/ba16p01s08.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.militaryairshows.net/galld.htm&h=385&w=685&sz=74&tbnid=ajmxlGdxqc8J:&tbnh=77&tbnw=137&start=1&prev=/images%3Fq%3DSpitfire%2BMk%2BXIVc%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26ie%3DUTF-8%26safe%3Doff%26sa%3DN
and the crazy site
sry for the length :frowning:
Wow, u know a lot about aircraft
Seafire 2’s seem to be rare, they late/post war???

thanks for the links, the military airshow one is really good.

From this site, it seems that the picture you showed is indeed one of a mark XIV, but the cockpit is certainly not so much in front in my blueprint. Now checking a bit more my propeller should be 5 blades (I have both mark XII and XIV on this drawing)

The seafire site in Japanese is excellent, thanks (showing mark XV and the last model with 2 opposed props).

No, the seafire II is 41-42, but few have survived. most of the still airworthy spits are late models.

I know a lot about the spitfire because it is one of the most beautiful planes (and good too) which has ever existed.

From the Schneider cup racer from which it was derived to the last model, all marks were superb planes.

the only plane in 39 which was able to outmaneuver it was the french dewoitine 520 but there was too few of them. During the whole war, when germans fighters started to gain an advantage, a new mark was there, just better.

lol, np m8
happy to help
I know the spitfires one of the greatest fighters evermade
I prefer the Hurricane but there u go
Have fun, looks like ur going to produce one of the nicest models ive ever seen, good luck
wow, see not just the spitfire u know about, never heard of that French Aircraft

Actually what colors u going to do it in?
Was it in D-Day?
because with black and white markings it would look really nice,
but i dont know when it was in service

Mk XIV was in service from very early 44 to late 47 (in india) so D-day outfit would be ok. There was also a bunch of them modified for desert which have nice colors.

However, I think I will make it in scapa flow outfits (squadrons protecting the north fleet) and those never had the D-day strips.

Scapa-flow colors where light grey and slate blue as they where operating mostly above the sea.

As the XII PR (photo) has the same shape as the XIV (except unarmed, 4 longer blades prop, and shorter tail) I could make it also pink :wink:

Concerning the D520, 4 words resume them : too few, too late.

The first 20 were in squadrons only 1 month before WWII start, and 400 were available at the end of french campaign, and some with half the gunnery.

In this period, they took down 150 germans planes, for 80 losses, when they were fighting at 1 vs 4. And this, with pilots untrained on a powerfull but very hard to fly plane !

sounds good, cant wait to see it finished
looked at the scapa flow stuff and it looks like some serious naval fighting,
good luck, pink aircraft, strange pilot :wink: , im guessing thats for desert as i know the LRDG painted there Land rovers pink.
Have fun, when its done u going to put it in a sky setting or on land??
Good luck

main modelling is done, pics in first post updated

please comment and critic

very nice, :o
Cant see anything big to crit,
On the wing there are some lumps, im guessing they are meant to be there?
Also there is a lump on where the wing connects to the fuselage is that also supposed to be there?
anyway i love that aircraft :smiley:

That looks really good so far. Hope is maintains it’s glory once textured and lit.

awesome model, 1 thing the air intake at the front, just under the nose. looks like you havent joined up a few verts… or could just be a shadow. very nice moddeling, i like the ridges in the tail planes and rudder. how did you manage to model the body so well with blenders notorious subsurf problems? im intregued…

The 2 half bodies are not joined yet, this explain that.

Blender subsurf have now creases (upcoming 2.34) and this change all. the subsurf were hard to control before, now it’s really easy. The creases themselves are still a bit buggy, but really handy if used wisely (low values)

these look very good lukep. Am looking forward to see how they develop especially when you some to materials and textures.

its difficult to comment at moment without reference pictures, except to say its looking very good. however, a couple of questions:

  1. where the wing meets the fuselage, there’s a bump in the mesh - is this intended?

  2. there appears to be a seam on both the top side and the underside - is this how it should be or a result of mirroring the mesh?

thanks. for references, look in first page Dsaber gave a link to 3 pages full of spitfires.

the bump is intented, but I wil rework it a little to make it more obvious.

the seam is due to the mirroring; I will join the mesh only when fully satisfied of result.

That came out very nicely lukep. Well modelled.

There looks to be a couple of odd spots/dents on the top of the wings that you may want to smooth out.