Spitfire revisited

Some of you might remember me posting this image back when I was known as B-D-Eye. Well recently I revisited the image and tried my hand at some more drastic post-pro (the same render was used as the base). Here’s the result:


I feel I can finally call this image ‘complete.’
Thanks for looking!

Ha, I really like this! The lighting looks a bit bland, but overall, really good! 4 stars.

Nice job man. Thats sweet How did you do those paper scratches (the white parts)?

sweet image 5 stars

yes indeed. pretty sweet. Makes the image as a whole come more to life than the original i think.

The planes look a bit under lit, and the propellar spin doesn’t look fast enough. But thoise are my only crits, very welldone.

the planes are too “perfect”…no battle wear, no weathering, nothing to show any age…
other than that I like it!

Nifty. First thing I thought was Iron Maiden’s Aces High and then I started thinking that it would make a nifty album cover.

I’m with Jason H. Too clean, yet not shiney enough. I’ve spent a few times next to restored Spitfires, and they are NEVER that clean, and reflect a bit of specularity! HDR/Brighter lighting would help, and all the grease and grim you can throw at it! :wink:

But other then that, nice work! :smiley:

Thanks for all the positive replies!
@free_ality: I agree that the lighting is bland. This was done back when I had comparatively little experience with such things. Glad you like it though!

@Crititrozoz: The scratches weren’t too hard really. I simply scanned some old, water damaged photographs onto the computer and used Photoshop to grab them and stick 'em on here (I don’t know how I’d live without the magic wand tool lol). Then it was just a matter of resizing them, placing them around and adjusting the colour a bit. Good to hear you like it!

@Jeepster: Thanks! The encouragement means a lot to me.

@FreakyDude: Glad you like the revisions. I too felt that it gives the image something extra (as well as hiding a couple of its flaws lol).

@TheANIMAL: Both valid points. I tried to make the propeller spin more drastic, but I couldn’t for the life of me get it to work lol. And if those are your only crits then I’m happy lol. Thanks!

@Jason H: I completely agree. That’s what one of my problems was back when I first made the original. It was my first attempt at making UV textures from scratch, and it kinda shows. Glad you like it though!

@Star Weaver: Hehe, seeing my work on an album cover or the like is a dream I probably won’t achieve for quite some time lol. Thanks for the reply!

@goodguy20k: Yeah, cleanness, lack of specularity (as well as bump if you look closely lol) and lighting seem to be the main things holding this image back. Who knows, maybe if I get enough motivation I might revisit the rendering side of things (although I wouldn’t want to put too much work into it as the model itself is… kinda noobish… if you saw the wireframe you’d probably cry lol). Thanks for the encouragement!