A little project I am working on. Detailing and texturing to come :slight_smile:

(click for high res)

Rendered with the almighty Cycles

For some reason, it looks like something in a pixar movie. I think it might be the lighting. Looks nice so far, though :smiley:

I thought that spitfires had four rotors.

I am not going for a particular model although my main reference image I am using is a mk VIII which has 4 rotors but I have seen other versions that have 3, I kind of prefer 3 but I might change it later… we will see :slight_smile:

@CMWharton Thanks… It does look a bit cartoony without much detail and texture :stuck_out_tongue:

I am going to try to model all the little screws… if I find that it is undoable I will do it with textures but it shouldn’t be too hard

Update for the day: more details, better colours and different camera angle.

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I am traveling to california tomorrow so no update until a few days from now… all crits welcome!

Ok I lied… couldnt get to sleep… some early texturing/(figuring out texturing and bump maping in cycles)

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