Spitting Water ?

(espr3ss0) #1

Trying to achieve a believable spread of water being spat out. I’ve looked at some images and one trait they have in common is the water being sprayed outward. I’ve just started to learn the fluid sim in Blender, looking at tutorials the water mainly looks like it’s coming out of a tap.

Any suggestions ?

(archinaut) #2

One way I’d try is by setting an out-flow of particles with some initial velocity but cut it off after a very short interval.

(espr3ss0) #3

Isn’t that only 1 initial direction of x/y/z ?

(archinaut) #4

I’d say in the direction the spit is flying but you may have to test that, as well as with a bit less velocity in the other two directions as well. I suppose it depends on the kind and consistency of flung spit you’re after . I don’t know any generic spit modeling rules. I’d just test things out until it works. but please do showthe results once you’ve achieved them.