Splash Blender wallpaper

I did this simple render just because i was COMPLETELY bored looking at mine curent.:spin:

So i did this in 1920 x 1080.
If you want another size, just write in comments.

Additional link

…have seen plenty of Blender icon interpretations…this one caught my eye…am a simpleton at heart…so…
if you really want to…I wouldn’t mind a 1920x1200…and if I’m not insulting your artistic integrity …the main background a tad creamier.?.?.?..either way…I’ma like…thanks

Really nice, I like the clean style. I think it’s a great creative way to show off the logo.

Here you go Frank the Smith, 1980x1200 :slight_smile:

Additional link

I was wondering should i put somewhere on picture actual “Blender” writings because i think that it is actually way too clean. But as on wallpaper it should be clean, right?

Ps.: About this creamier background - for now i have a bit troubles with render itself, as you can see little grey gradient on left down corner i can’t get rid of. I’ll try to find it’s reason and ill do it creamier.

Many thanks for your art / work…and…not to turn your head …this will be the first image done by someone else to be my wallpaper…have fun…

edit…back again…I see no corner graying on my monitor…maybe yours is getting magnetic interference or something…???