Splash films

No more sandstone films we renamed it splash films so check it out!

Here is the blog SplashFilmsInc

Hey, I will for sure keep an eye on this?

This sounds creepy at first, is that you in the video? Cause then you’d be in high school still right? Me and my friend are also teaming up (I’m the CG artist, and he is the photographer and director) to make a sweet vfx channel called rust media. Our first video will be out in a week or so.
So far we don’t have anything on our channel except a tutorial on macro video.

Normally I wouldn’t pay this much attention, but your videos so far look quality, and its nice to see highschoolers making things look actually decent.

Keep it up, I will be sure to watch your stuff

Thanks. :slight_smile: yeah one of those guys are me

And just one question why does this sound creepy?

Edit: Never mind I got what you meant :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is our twitter acount we will give updates and such here.
Splash Films Inc. (splashflimsinc) on Twitter