Splash FX in game engine

I did a recent post on some nice water for the game engine, but some people were asking for ripples and splash fx, so I found a really nice method for using splash fx in game engine using the apricot splash texture.

Here is the .blend file http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?2twilnf4vs5

Latest apricot build req.

It’s awesome! Well done!

Updated version. Uses joystick sensors.



The first .blend file doesn’t require joysticks.

how did you do the animated texture?

Very nice, but too heavy in size and buggy. At least I think so. I tried to make the cube jump to see it it reproduces many splashes from the same object, but the build crashed.

That is not because it is resource intensive. The build that it was originally ment for is no longer available.

I will try to fix the problem.

There is no animated texture just a bunch of bowl shaped objects with alpha transparency that change in size multiple times, and fade away.

Uhm, sounds interesting but the link does not work anymore… :frowning:

i agree with gustav

Leave this one alone to.