Splash Screen 2.35 Discussion

Splash Contest Questions, Discussion and Rants

This thread is for questions, discussion and rants about the Splash Screen 2.35 Contest. Let us try and keep the debate over here and use the Splash Screen Contest 2.35 thread for actual images.

Here are a couple hints about the Contest. No, not hints on how to win, hints on how not to lose.

Make sure your image is available at whatever url you post it from. Last contest, when it came time to decide, we had a number of broken links.

The template, which you are all going to use, has the correct release version number, the Blender Foundation logo, etc. Do not change any of this. Yes, that means the background color of the header. The image area is all yours. Have at it!

Don’t use the Blender logo in your image. The Blender Foundation is very fussy about their brand. You may not agree with this, but it is non-negotiable. A couple of potential entries have already been tossed because of this. One of them I personally liked so much, that if it were up to me, we wouldn’t even bother with the Contest. But it is not my call. No logo, non-negotiable.

I have photoshop 6 and when i try to open this psd file, wich is a lot smaler then some of my other files, i get the error saying I don’t have enough ram

I have 1 Gig of ram, so and Photoshop is allowed to use all when running, so I figure that should be enough

Is it possible this has to do with a downward compatibility problem?
I can open the psd just fine in PhotoImpact, save it as a psd and after that I’m able to open it in photoshop

I’d prefer to be able to open it directly in photoshop, without the extra step


It opens fine for me with gimp…

It was probably made in photoshop CS which has a PSD compatibility problem with previous versions of photoshop. Even with the maximize compatibility turned on it still may not open properly. As paprmh mentioned… try using gimp to open it and save it as a psd and then Photoshop should be able to read it again. Probably… I’ve not tried this as all my systems, work and home, have Photoshop CS.

it works in photoshop elements 2.0

can you use the name blender in the picture? then i might have an idea.

It opened correctly in Corel PhotoPaint (v11).
Does the final result also need to be posted as a psd?


As far as I know, that is ok. I will see if I can get confirmation on that.

Jpeg images are fine. And probably preferred. Makes it easier for the judges to browse them, for one thing.

Hope I can open it in photoshop 5.0 LE. lol, I want CS so bad! Maybe if I start bugging Santa early I will get it. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. Do I have to make the pic fit the template exactly? In otherwords, do I have to make the pic that small?

As the rules state… the template has to be used as is. Including the dimensions.

Just keep it the same size but crop it to the best part. You don’t need to see the ‘whole’ image.

btw, can we enter more than one image?

Sure, why not. Shall we be formal and say you can submit up to N images, for small values of N? Just remember the contest is not a lottery. One striking image will increase your chances better than 256 average ones.

I’m having a hard time getting an image on the template. It get’s either to big or to small. Could someone please describe how to get the image to fit right on the temp?



the image size is 500 x 200…

If you’re using Photoshop, select your image and go to Edit > Free Transform. Then use the handles to scale the image however much you want.

You could also go to Image > Image Size and change the dimensions from there. And if you want to change just one dimension but not the other, deselect “Constrain Proportions”.

This is how I was doing it. I would open the template, then open the image, try to scale it, and then paste it into the template. But I could never get this to work right. I’ll try what you guys said. Also, how can I crop an image? I’m kinda new to PS, and my version is pretty old.

question -> are Yafray images aloud? i submitted two yafray images (created with the export 2.34 script) and i guy said that mayhap i that they aren’t eligible. Why shouldn’t they be when Yafray is directly implemented into Blender 2.34+?! :wink:

How about using the new embedded raytracer I’ve heard talk about in #blenderchat?
Hm… or has that not been officially implemented yet?

what do you mean embedded? raytracing is already aloud in Blender 2.33! now it is 2.34 and soon 2.35! are you thinking of photon tracing like yafray?