Splash Screen 2.35 Discussion

He’s probably referring to Ray Wells’ Distray Project.

It was funny to me when I looked at the entries for the last contest how many of them weren’t elegible because people thought it was ok to bend the rules just a little bit. i.e. “Oh cummon I only made it a little taller to fit everything.” DON’T DO IT. :smiley: THIS MEANS YOU! Best of luck everyone :smiley:

P.S. I saved the Template file in Photoshop CS. If anyone has trouble opening it or would like it saved in an older format just give me a nudge and I’d be glad to help as much as possible. However I think stivs would agree its best to stick to the one original template file. We don’t need different versions floating around but I’d hate to see someone miss being able to enter because they don’t have Photoshop CS. If anyone needs help getting their image into the template file, I’d love to do it for them if thats allright with the judges (And I know it will be).

Leaving aside my personal feelings about raytracing, I do not see a problem if you use Blender to model, set and light a scene and then render it with an external renderer. Given the integration between Blender and Yafray and that they are close personal friends, I say it is OK.

Plus Prince gets extra points for moving splash discussion to the actual Splash Discussion thread; unlike those other doofuses chattering away in the image thread.

So, in short, Yafray rendered image are allowed.

If you win, however, you will have to write more for your mini-tutorial about how you created your entry!

thankyou stiv!

i couldn’t open the template…so i took one of the jpg from the entries and edited it…it was 501x271 with the banner being 68 pixels - is this right? i made all mine that but those numbers seem awfully odd (no pun intended).

do you mean me and my mini-tut or the winner will have to write a mini-tut?


500 x 270 I’m pretty sure. No reason for the extra pixel that I can see. I think I’m going to add a few different formats to a zip file so that people can download the zip and open which one they please. Stiv if you would update the link once I give you the signal that would be great :slight_smile: Thanks!

here is a big concern -> i have a 56k modem and because i wanted the images to be perfect quality i saved them as 100% jpg and they are all 501x271. Do i have to reupload them as 500x270!? (over a 1mb!) Several other people have the same resolution do to the fact that the first guy to show his image had a 501x271 res image and the template is in a file format not supported by basic image editors and thus couldn’t be viewed so people just assumed (ya i know ASS+U+ME :stuck_out_tongue: ) it was the proper size.

Can’t the judges just vote for the image then contact the individual and have them send the proper image in it’s proper format?

Don’t worry. The team of dedicated scientists and engineers at the Blender Foundation are working tirelessly to perfect Blender, and in their pursuits they have become very qualified operators of the ‘Crop’ feature in Photoshop :wink:

Let us not get our panties in a bunch here. No need to go redoing everything. Opening the template in The Gimp - which everyone loves - shows an image size of 501x271. If necessary for some reason, we can crop off a pixel when we convert the image into an actual splash screen. Not a problem.

The reason for stressing use of the template is so we do not have the problems with version numbers, fonts, colors and logos that we had last time.

Due to time constraints and the asynchronous nature of people being scattered across time zones, it is better to have all the images in one place ready to go when it is time for judging and processing.

Once again, do NOT redo your images if you have used the template.

Stiv said it much better but thats what I was getting at when I said “Don’t Worry”. I hope its more clear now. Concentrate more on getting your entry done and I think the splash team will have time to communicate about nitty gritty details like one extra pixel later.

Or what about features I coded myself and havn’t even submitted a patch yet? Is that allowed?


To have a level playing field, let us try and stick with using available versions of Blender, either official releases or CVS builds.

Maybe i didn’t express my self properly - when i said “worried” i meant worried for the Blender Developers if they couldn’t delete a pixel! :smiley: I wasn’t serious about the “oh jeese what am i going to do!” part or the “the times are nigh!” part i just meant couldn’t he admin team fix it for me!

The Splash Contest is winding down. Figure one week, maybe a little more. Plan on 7-November for End of Contest.

Next week, if all goes well, we plan on setting a release date for the amazing Blender 2.35. This means you have until approximately 7-November to finish your entries.

Sunday 7-November is the Last Day for entries because the 2.35 release is coming up Real Soon Now™.

Do I need to mention the rules one last time?
Use the template.
No Blender logos.
Make sure your image link is not dead.

Render quickly, my little droogies.

how soon is real soon? 5 december (sinterklaas avond) ?

Heh. 5 December of what year?

Just between you and me, <whispers> maybe in a week or so. Shhh. No guarantee.

Give my regards to Sinterklaas. Hope you have been good!

this year of course. were not going to wait for another year for blender 2.35 .

and of course ive been good 8) . (not)

The Contest is Now Closed.

Compliments and thanks to everyone who entered. You have given the judges some tough choices. Well done.