Splash Screen Contest 2.35

Latest News:

The Splash Contest is winding down. Figure one week, maybe a little more. Plan on 7-November for End of Contest.

The Blender Splash Screen Contest 2.35 is officially on starting NOW!

Blender development has reached B-Con 3 stage which means not only is another release of Blender coming Real Soon Now, but it is time for the Splash Screen Contest. Time to dust off your best blender images and paste them into the template for the judges consideration.

The Contest will end at the B-Con 4 stage.

Next week, if all goes well, we plan on setting a release date. This means you have until approximately 7-November to finish your entries.

A link to the required template is here.

Contest Rules:

Use the template. The template has the version number ( 2.35 ) and the Blender logo. Do NOT mess with the template; fonts, colors, whatever. If something is wrong, tell us and we will fix it.

Do NOT use the Blender logo in your image. The Blender Foundation is quite fussy about this. If you want to debate this, use a separate thread.

The judges will run the Contest as they see fit. Whatever they decide is it.

We strongly encourage the Winner to write a tutorial or brief description of how they made their image. Our goal is to create a gallery of splash screens and mini-tutorials on how they wre created.

The other stuff I have forgotten.

Let us try and keep this thread just for splash images. If you have questions, arguments, discussions or rants about the Contest, post them in this thread ( Yes, I know that is asking a lot. )

Let the Splashing begin! ( But remember it ends soon. )





I hope we’re allowed more than one.

try nr1:









Here’s my entry:



Hmmmm X-W would it be possible to frame your image differently, or post pro it a bit to fit it in with the title better.

i think yours has a good chance but right now i don’t think its doing it justice. it looks like an imge with a bar plnked on it. rather than a awsome splash.
(not saying the image is crap BTW)


this is my image. i am still working on it.i will post updates

hey how do i post an image in here???


Cough cough spam!


Here is mine, I’ve been working on the default scene with the fantastic new selection tools (about 2 mn modeling and 15 mn rendering)


![your url](your url)

so is this.



picaso, try using one of the places here


i recomed registering at which time you will get an account at sixmonkeys and will need to create an album there. (easy process)

this will set you up for free image hosting for the rest of your blending life expectancy i think. geocities is not good.

have a good one