Splash Screen?

Do you think its possible to make a splash screen when someone runs your game .exe?

Like when you run a PC game it will bring up a splash screen (i think its called) and it will display for a few seconds then the game will load, any ideas on how and if we could do this in blender?

Well proberly not “in” blender, maybe this would be an external thing?


A splash screen isn’t anything more than an image, so why wouldn’t it be possible? Even in the game engine it should be possible.
I’m not an GE expert, though :wink:

Yes i know, i mean display it before the games actualy loads, go run a PC game, you will see a image display for a few then the game will load up.

You might be able to do this by having BlenderPlayer first load a file that is only your image, and have the game framing settings set to the images resolution, then, after a timer reaches a certain point, it loads the next file with the Game>Start New Game actuator. I’ve never tried it, but it’s worth a shot.

couldn’t you have a picture on a plane in a scene, that has an always—and----scene change scene… Wouldn’t that first scene show until the next is loaded?

I don’t think he wants the picture to fill the whole screen at first, just like the splash image that opens with Blender, except instead of having Blender load in the background, it’d just be your desktop. Correct me if I’m wrong Braveheart.

No your right there Dim, again if you go open up a game on your PC you will see an image display on the screen then the screen will go black and the game will load.

Did my suggestion work for you?

Yah, I know what you mean by a splash screen. I’m unsure how you would go about doing that seperately from the blend file. Perhaps there is a way once it’s been exported to an .exe?

Yea, as Dim said maybe it can be done with the Blenderplayer, basicly to do it you need a seprate program that would display the image, then open the .exe or .blend file after time,

now the question is whitch program and how?

Why you want to have it outside the game?

I suggest following:
Set up a small splash scene with you splash screen. It can be more than just an image.
The splash scene is you start scene. Have a timer that triggrs an actuator to load your game scene as background scene after some seconds. (While loading any animation will stop in the first scene)

Property Timer type Timer
property sensor "Timer" intervall 3..10 -> and -> scene actuator add background scene: "game_start"

When the background scene is loaded, let it remove the splash scene.

always sensor [no pulse] -> and -> scene actuator remove scene: "splash"

You can use this technic for any loading screen.

Hope it helps

There are a few ways you could do it. 1st One has been posted already, using a 2nd small blender file to display on a certain resolution and windows using a batch file. Using a batch file you can load a blender game engine runtime, set settings like, color bits, resolution, refresh rate, fullscreen or not. Then in such a batch file you can also have a timer to pause and close the 1st one and load the 2nd. This can be done by using the windows batch commands and create a .bat file which acts like an exe file, or use Python and it’s OS and TIME module to do exactly the same.

Now 2nd thing could be a wxPython script, now what’s wxPython? wxPython is a liberary for python to create crossplatform interfaces which look exactly the same as the current OS theme were it’s being executed. So in another words, you can create a popup, display an image in it and thats it. So you could make a python script that when it’s ran, it opens that wxPython popup, shows the image in it, uses TIME module to pause a little while and close the popup and using the OS module it runs the runtime. :slight_smile:

Now I have to admit dat wxPython ain’t that easy, but I think it’s doable if you take a look at it. :smiley:

When I’m feeling to lazy to go messing with timers, I take two cubes and put them behind the loadscreen. One I make actor and give it a material called Collision, then I make the other Cube actor and dynamic + giving it logic bricks for detcting collision with the first cube, (and If collision set scene “Menu”) then I move the second cube many units above the other, and then “P”… Works like a lamp!