Splash Thanks

I did not get a chance before I ran off to Siggraph, but I wanted to thank everyone who submitted an entry for the 2.34 Splash Screen contest. Lots of great stuff. Sad that only one could be chosen.

I also want to apologize for the short notice. With all the last minute hustle and bustle of preparing an actual release, the splash screen got neglected.

For those wondering about the judging process, we basically rated each entry on 17 separate qualities. The values were then normalized and treated as a 17-dimension vector. Entries were then ordered based on the vector length.

After that, we sat around on IRC discussing which one we liked best. As I said, there were lots of potential winners. Sadly, some entries were submitted after the deadline. Equally sad, some entries had broken image links at judging time.

Saddest of all, some entries were rejected because they did NOT use the template. Along with colors and fonts and a logo, the template had the CORRECT version number. The unanimous choice of the judges got bounced for this reason.

Yeah, yeah, I know. This is harsh and facist and authoritarian. It is also the way things work in the real world. You may have done an awesome post-apocalyptic space battle in stunning blacks and reds, but if the client wants bunnies and ducks in pastel colors, then bunnies and ducks it is. Next time, please use the template.

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated. Nice work!

correct version number? the template i downloaded said 2.32 . so i changed it to 2.34. so please explain.

Thanks for the message stiv, but I have to second mifune’s request for an explanation. I too downloaded a template which said “2.32”, which I chose to leave untouched.

If the client wanted “bunnies and ducks in pastel colors”, why were there neon pink kittens in the template instead? :expressionless:


Can we have another comp? It’s a fun little comp to be part of and a good reason to make something abstract.

There will be one for every future release.


The TEMPLATE had the incorrect version number? That is an interesting bit of news. And a MAJOR screwup on our part. To quote Homer Simpson, DOH! The judges were under the impression people were cobbling their own versions together with fonts and colors and version numbers. Apparently not. And so we move from tragedy to farce. ( Who volunteered me for this job, anyway? )

I predict splash screens will be on the agenda at the weekly meeting.

While we are at it, I suppose this is just one more lesson about dealing with clients in the real world. They may tell you exactly what they want, but you still need to translate and ask questions to make sure they get what they need. Is this specification correct? Are you sure you want bright green text on the garish orange background? Weren’t these neon pink kittens be supposed to be yellow ducks?

Hopefully, next release we can do the splash screen a little earlier, maybe around the B-Con 3 phase. That will give the artists more time and we will not be so rushed choosing. And we can make sure the version number is 2.35.

LOL, good to hear that stiv. Atleast it won’t happen again. That’s what open source is all about. I guess this can be entered into the bug tracker as. “incorrect version number retured by development team in template PSD”. Resolution: Investigate :wink:

Hah! Excuses, excuses .
You client people squirm out of everything … now you know why you got volunteered for this job. :smiley:


well, next time better. at least we have got the chance to submit something. its something that only can happen with open source :stuck_out_tongue: .

Actually, that advice comes from personal experience as an analyst and programmer doing GIS consulting work for large utility company clients. Being able to translate their stated requirements into their actual needs was a valuable skill. It worked the other way too. Usually, you had to show them a prototype to insure complete understanding.

A very clear set of rules with regards to use of the template should be placed on the competition page at the time it begins. Those rules might look something like:

  1. Do Not Under Any Circumstances Alter ANY of the graphics in this template, nor its dimensions, with the obvious exception of graphic you add on the blank layer provided.

Ok wait… so there’s just one rule necessary. But still…

More entries would be fantastic if you ask me. I’d also like ot thank the three judges who did it, Hmetalcowgirl, stiv, and alien-xmp. AND I’d like to thank blenergetic for submitting his entry. Who am I you are wondering? Good question…

First Rule of Template Club is “Use the damn Template”.

Actually, this post not a pop culture reference but an update from last Sunday’s meeting. The Splash Screen contest will become a standard To-Do item when a Blender release moves into the BlenCon-3 stage. The old judges will select three new judges who will run the contest as they see fit.

This will give artists more time to submit their splashy masterpieces and allow us time to resolve any problems with templates, agonize over choices, etc. Uncle Stiv’s advice: You will want to use the template.