Inspired by Andrew Price’s tutorials (energy drink + photorealistic fruit splash).
Hope you like it.

Not a bad image but IMO the layout needs work. Also, just a tip you might want to consider. Using vulgar language in your ad just makes you look amateur and unprofessional.

PAINT GUY ISN’T FROM THE INTERNET!.. he cant appreciate it like us

Please change the vulgar word. You really shouldn’t use it.

Here are some suggestions:
“now with isotopes and excrement.”
“now with isotopes and dejection.”
“now with isotopes and ordure.”
“now with isotopes and faeces.”

Nice splashes! :slight_smile:

no no its great how it is

Its easy to change… cans and text are on other layer.

don’t change it it is great the way it is, these internet noobs don’t understand the comic genius!!!