Spline/NURBS modeling questions.

Ok, now I understand how to use paths to create complex cables/wires and other stuff, it is time to move onto some of the more complex functions of splines. I am very familiar with the process in other applications.

What I have done, is I have taken two NURBS circles bent them both equally and now I want to skin them for part of a sword hilt that I’m working on. But it won’t skin it. I’m guessing that there is something else that I need to do first? One thing I figure I need is to somehow create some segments to connect the two peices together but I can’t seem to extrude points for some reason. I was wondering how to accomplish this? From what I remember, you need 4 connecting segments in order to skin a nurbs model. At least that is the way it is done in Max. Any tutorials or info on this subject would be very helpfull. Thanks.

Check to see if this wiki manual page will tell you anything:


Only Surfaces skin; Add >> Surface >> NURBS Circle.


Ok, I see what you mean now…

What is going to make this much more difficult is that they must be connected somehow in order to make a surface on top. However, you can only have two segments connected to each endpoint. I other words, you can’t extrude from a point that is allready between two segments. :\

However, when I created a NURBS sphere, I noticed that there are control points/endpoints that are connected to three different segments that are highlighted in purple while the others are a different color. However, I have no idea how to connect them like this?

Add Surface NURBS Circle and Shft-d duplicates (same object if done in edit mode) or go to Object mode and Shft-D duplicates then select them all and Ctrl-J to make them all one object. To skin them the HAVE to have the same number of CV’s. Hit F in Edit Mode to skin and Endpoints U/V fo fill them.


All I am getting is a hollow cylinder. :\

What are you trying to make? Couldn’t fathom it from the first description.


The guard on a hilt.

I figured I would use two or more circles and bend it up a bit. Though, circles probably aren’t really going to work all that good. :\

The guard on a hilt.

Am I suppoed to know what that looks like?


LOL, I’m making a sword. The part I need is a guard. The guard is a fancy peice just below the blade and above the handle.

So once you have an extruded circle (cylinder) shape it with Taper Curve.


Or convert it to mesh (Alt-C) and shape it.