spline wrap

Hi i woul dlike to model an animate something like this picture.
i tried using a helix curve and the model this, but i dindnt foun dhow i can do it

can anyone help me?


In you curve tool there are some controls that might help. Shape - twisting -smooth-. I would build it from top view and select z up. I would make the curve box and bow 90 degrees off and add a lattice to twist it up. Ill go give it a try.
I think this is a start I just need to use a different curve type then offered with the addon I used. I cant convert it now. If you use align and vector segments you can model the box and subdivide the mesh till the sharp angles are good.
To sum up I believe this may work if you use Bezier curve.curve1.blend (565 KB)

for the helix there is an addon then you can convert to curve!
add object extra curves and you get a spiral !

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I was thinking his problem was the helix did not work well . Its the twist . In the file I posted you can extrude the curve and alt c convert then model the mesh box. If you can not get a good box with the curves. then you do not need a bezier curve.
That’s what I was thinking on a Tuesday off.
Unless you want it animated then keep the curve.
Edit Oh I was thinking he knew there was a addon

the whole helix could be done in one curve and then add another curve for the buckle i guess
might give a better smoother model with only curves !

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Maybe that is the answer. You should be able to do it with one but it makes it quick and easy if 2 will work.