Splines line for blender

Good afternoon. Is it possible to create a plug-in for the blender to create normal spline lines, which are the same as those in 3d max?

don’t really know 3D max so

what do you mean by normal splile line ?

in any case blender has a few different type of curves
so which one do you need ?

Bezier with 3 points

one trick here you can make a mesh line then convert to curve!

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See how it works in Houdini.
1 I select the spline creation tool.
2 I click in the form of a fire mouse where there should be 1 point and it is created there.
3 the rest are exactly the same and they are interconnected.
4 When I want to close the spline, I click on 1 point and the spline automatically closes.
5 In Houdini, it automatically becomes a geometry in the form of a spline, in 3D the spline is similarly created, but in order to convert it to geometry it needs to be converted to poly

in blender you can add a Bezier curve and there is an option to close it too

but do you want to make a script to do that or just do it in the viewport ?

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If I activate the addon with which I can create 1 vertex, then I can squeeze out lines from it, but this needs to be done manually. I want it to be done automatically and a new vertex was created where I click the cursor and if necessary I can close this geometry.


but how do you expect blender to guess where you want to set the next point ?

there is a way to make line in grease pencil like that I think
then convert to curve

check it out

there is also an addon for curve extra to make pre defined curve shapes!

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At the position of the mouse cursor, as in all programs, this can not be done?
2 option to move the 3d cursor every time and by its position create.
I generally expect when it will be 2.80 there it is more convenient to work with manipulators in all modes.

not certain i’n following you here

when you add let say a curve you can do E for extrude then move the point where you want and simply click to set it

that is what you want is it ?

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