Splines to Edges?

Can someone assist in this.
I have drafted contours in ACAD using splines,
wanted to model in sketchup using sandbox - didn’t work
wanted to model in rhino didn’t work

I now have imported the CAD to Rhino to Sketchup file to blender as a dxf and don’t know how to make these splines into edges to be able to make faces from one contour to another.

any help or guidance would be tremendous. Thanks, J

I have modeled a head from scratch using blender, but now want to attempt to model a site with countours. This spline thing is very new to me. I thought it would be easy to conver to editable edge - similar to other programs, but it is proving to be more difficult than I expected.
I am avoiding tracing it using extrude point to make lines native to blender because I see the lines, but can’t use them… arghhh.

Cad to Rhino to sketchup to dxf to blender.blend (1.0 MB)

Not sure if i understand you right, but you want to make faces out of the spline you first have to convert them to a mesh. Object mode-> Object ->Convert to -> Mesh from Curve…

Rigoletto, thanks for your assistance,

Not really. My goal is to be able to make a face from one spline to the next vertically not horizontally. I do not want to make a face of each of them, but make one surface overall to imitate what the contours are doing. To do that I can’t even select more than one spline at a time as I would be able to do with regular segements in blender normally. I am at a loss on how to make the splines useable to act as native edges. thanks>J

Afaik, that is not possible to build a face out of a curve. They must converted to mesh, than you can bridge loop two mesh curves to faces. Loop tools have better options than the standard function.

Thank you. I also found the Gis add-on which had me convert dxf to shape file through small app then bring it in to blender and use the gis to make a tin surface. Thanks for your help. The shx file brought in the lines more editable for future reference.