Splish splash goes the water

fluid (standard simulation values) in a cubic domain rendered with caustics and a nice water material (yafray because I didn’t find any way to render caustics in blender internal)

edit: and on youtube (sucky quality though) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HE6jWNiecoI

what do you think? I think I’m gonna save me that water material :wink: …I didn’t use the right IOR though. 1.20 instead of 1.33 which water usually has I guess. Still looks pretty believable. Also the lighting is obviously wrong, but I found no way to make a photon light iluminate the plane other than passing through the water material and just duplicating it and having a spot with the same direction cast a shadow looked awkward. Any ideas?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Don’t be too critical though, it is after all just a test to get into blender and all the new stuff after having last used it in 2004.

Looks good, the caustics are cool :cool:, but did you use subsurf or set smooth on the liquid? because right now the water looks a bit rough. I’m not sure but I think that you need both a lamp and a photon lamp, but the again, I don’t use photons everyday :confused:.

I did subsurf the water two levels and set it to smooth, but I think the roughness actually comes from the standard water resolution of 50… not sure since it’s the first time I’m working with fluids. The subsurf doesn’t have much to work with that way.

Could you put this on Youtube. This PC Can’t use Apple Quicktime Player Due to Administrator Privileges.

Which render engine did you use? Blender internal, or Yafray? What was your render time and amount of RAM? Sorry…Just love the mov and like the caustics. Any .blend? So I can tease out your setup?

Okay, here’s the video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HE6jWNiecoI

The engine I used was yafray, because I didn’t find any way to make blender internal create caustics. My RAM is 2 GB

As for the source file: I didn’t know I was supposed to save all those gzipped files after baking the fluid simulation so I can only provide you with my scene and a subsurfed water-cube in the place of the original water object. It’s still good enough to see the lighting rig and materials I used: http://www.lastfuture.de/temp/waterbrain.blend
(the funny name is because I used a brain mesh I had lying around from another test as the fluid body)

Render time: I’m not exactly sure. I had to render it as an image sequence in two sessions (one of which was over night and the other while at work) because it would inevitably crash some time during the animation, but I think it took a good average 3-4 minutes per frame (a third of which was the photon light tracing through the fluid) and thus about 10 hours total I’d say.

The caustics and physics rock but I think the fluid material looks more plastiky than water. Its just the way it reflects the light that makes it look strange. Other than that, really nice!

turn the fluid res up to 100, the material is very nice

Looks pretty high res to me…

PS: nice signature :wink:

I did some more tests with water, this time with the resolution at 200 and with an inflow:
Had a hard time tweaking the material to produce the dark divider line between fluid and void.

Edit: And here’s the animation that I rendered to pinpoint the frames to render at high res: http://www.lastfuture.de/temp/spritz.mov
and on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3PX4fRIPcE
plus an image of the setup: http://www.lastfuture.de/temp/platsch.png

these water things are amazing!!

i would render it, but my PC was already running 2 days, so…

Wow looks great man! How the water enters is a little off. It kind of traps an air bubble that just doesn’t look right. Good luck!

It looks awesome, but IMO still not like water…Another fluid maybe…Reminds me of silicon glue…or whatever that stuff is.

i give you a cookie for a great effort. I think it looks excellent.