Split 1 mesh into 4 meshes


I’m just starting with Blender and I can’t solve a problem.
I have a download a blender file from the internet.
It contains a shovel (see image!).

The 4 wheels are 1 mesh and I would like to split them in 4 different meshes.
This is because I’d want to do the wheels different things. (1 wheel turns with speed X and wheel 2 turns with speed Y, etc!).

I played with Blender but I can’t find the solution…
The wheels are placed in one bounding box.

Can u help me splitting them up?


For a screenshot: click

Select the vertices of a wheel and press P to separate them. Do the same for each wheel.


or press P (doesn’t matter if you got any verts selected) and choose “All Loose Parts”

Choosing “All Loose Parts” was the solution.