Split 2 Lines at intersect

I have this mesh with the 2 vertex circled
Screenshot (13)_LI

How do I delete the circled vertex, whilst maintaining the outer geometry?
There must be an option to split a line into two where another line intersects it.

I just don’t know what to search for.



Press X and choose Dissolve Vertices

Where the light blue dots are, there are no vertices, so I couldn’t get this to work.

Use the knife tool then, press K and click where you want those light blue vertices to be

I want to get rid of the inside rectangular structure, whilst maintaining the outside shape. Iv’e tried the knife tool, but its hard to be exact.

What about a Boolean modifer? That should do it

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yes, I agree

You may enable snap to edges and move your circled vertices along the edge (‘g’ twice’). The vertice will stick to the intersection. Than you subdivide the transversal edge and merge the vertices.

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TinyCAD addon → V2X | Vertex at Intersection

Subdivide it. W → Subdivide.

You could probably use the Boolean modifier to make a difference or union, then delete any of the remaining inner rectangle structure manually.

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I guess you want a result like this:

extrude.blend (99.8 KB)

Delete the cube
Cut edges or use existing as you want the cube as wide as be.
Extrude the “cube”
Scale face with 0.
Add bevel if desired.

Thanks Angleo,
I subdivided the line as that dot wasn’t a vertex but a dot drawn on the pic by me, as RPaladin suggested then pressed g twice , after enabling the snap to edges.