Split Along Short Line of Verts?

I need to know if I can split along a line of verts, as on this boot:


In the pic above I selected all the faces on one side of the intended split line and used the “split” command from the edit buttons, then removed doubles on all but the line I wanted. I know this is a kludge (I can practically hear Enigmatic laughing) but I’ve no idea what I should be doing here. Help? It seems like this comes up every time I want to make new pants or shoes or a shirt slit up the middle, which, for Poser clothing products, is often. Mirror modifier works sometimes but not, obviously, on an asymmetric object like a shoe.

(And don’t worry, I’ve already fixed the clipping on the bandages there.)

EDIT: Oh. This might be a job for the F key.

Use “V”. it rips vertices, which sounds like what you’re trying to do.

There is the rip tool but that I think leaves some points connected on two ends.

I usually plan this stuff and model accordingly. But I would likely not spit but simply remove a row of polys so that the split was not down to one point but two and drag those two close for a sharper point.

Again, also depends if I am doing subsurf in which case I would be making an edge loop all the way around the split in the garment. That would require another approach.

I keep hearing that designing quad arrangement of time is better, and I’m sure it is, but I have no idea how it’s done. I draw concept sketches for myself, but they’re nowhere near that detailed (I don’t have the 2D skills for it). Are you drawing concept art that shows every seam?

Subsurfing is something I’m generally not going to worry about. These are for Poser/DAZ, the fit to the preexisting hipoly body mesh has to be very snug and exact, and subsurf tends to cause instant clipping when I’ve tried that method. I generally get a better result with edge extrusion of the outfit because it gives me more control of fit.

I guess I’ll give V a try…

Edge extrusion is certainly one way to go. Unfortunately it gives you the wrong polygon flow when you want to start making changes as you well know. :slight_smile: I don’t necessarily draw my polygon flow when I design. But I draw the shapes and put them in the BG and model to that. So if it is a garment, I model that completely separately and with its own polygon flow.

Any problems with subsurf come because you have to design the polygon flow specifically for that.

For a split - non subsurf - I’d likely choose the method to simply cut away a row of quad polygons and then taper the slit by hand to a finer point which I could then make somewhat rounded using the exiting geometry. To me that would be more consistent with what tailor or clothing designer would do. Just a straight rip/cut/slice in cloth is not very practical in the real world so I would lean toward emulating the same thing in 3D.

Hm. Speaking as one who also sews, that is a good point. :wink:

lol. Well, believe it or not, I can actually sew as well - not that I do it anymore mind you - but I come from a family where the sewing machine and clothing patterns were always in use so that may have some influence on my thought process.