Split and Spread

I’m trying to make a script that will split all faces of a mesh, and spread them out. My plan was to use for statements to iterate over all the faces, split them, and scale them down. However, i cannot find out how to split faces with python. Think anyone can help me out?

You might be better off copying the faces into a new mesh (there is not simple way, you’ll just have to do it manually) and then just translating the vertices along their normals.

If you want to do it on your current mesh, then you’ll need to duplicate the face (manually, again) and then translate. So basically just get the current coordinates of the faces vertexes, translate those coordinates, add them to the mesh, get their indexes (should be the verts in me.verts[-4:]) and then create a new face on them.

So there’s no script thingy to call for a split? Bummer. But I declared this thread a bummer free zone. :smiley: i love Will Ferrel