Split area not working

Blender likes to do this to me a lot, and I just downloaded a new copy to see if that would fix it, but it didn’t.

I can’t divide the viewing area. Dragging the little hashmarks does nothing, and right clicking on the hashmarks only shows the options as grayed out.

did you try placing the cursor arrow over the line you want to move, until you see a double arrow , then clicking & holding and dragging the partition you wish to move , you dont have to be in the corners to do this. i hope this helps, sometimes moving the panals can seem a little buggy. to split the screen click & hold and drag triangle in corner and pull the panel. good luck . bs.

Yea I’ve tried that. When I open a new blender file I can split the windows and move them and such, but not in my save file. I suppose I’ll just try to import the model into a new file. If that doesn’t work I’ll post the .blend.

i just went into reopened saved files and my screens all split no problem. im new in this game and was trying to help you as i had a problem myself when i started blender with splitting screens. maybe check your default settings and user prefs. i tend to think its more a settings issue than the program. sorry i cant be of more help, if you cant find it, the issue, repost a new thread, theres alot of very blender savy people here or maybe someone will read this thread and be able to help, good luck… bs

The line-split-thingie, isn’t the the old way? Now it’s like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0h_lmK8ixg&t=3m07s

Go to your user preferences (CTRL+ALT-U) and check under input that the keybinding is set correctly via: screen > screen editing

Here is a screenshot of what it should look like (Ignore Theme, and I expanded the boxes):


If these are set up correctly (all fields have their proper values) then try to load factory settings option in the file drop-down menu then attempt to open the file and see if the problem persists.

It is possible that this is a bug but I never ran into this problem before.

As a side note if you mouse over the edge of a screen and right click you will be presented with two options: Split Area & Join Area

Also I have heard that many people have problems with blender not properly refreshing and that minimizing the window then bringing it back will fix the problem.