Split area option greyed out on my 2.79 (Solved)

I loaded someone else’s scene into my 2.79.

I cannot create new areas. I try to split the single area and I get the little menu but the little menu has the options greyed out.

And the GUI seetup of that blender file is so importent ??? Maybe just load with Load GUI disabled.

Lolz. No. I hate their GUI setup. But I was not aware it is possible to load someone else’s scene without their interface. I have been loading by “drag-and-drop”. So I suppose if I load by “navigate-and-select” instead, I will at some point in that process be presented with an option to load the scene without the scene’s native GUI setup. That’s awesome. But, can you help me recognize where to set that option?


Oh. I found it. Uncheck the “Load UI” box.
Ya. That works.

Thanks so much, Okidoki!