split edges to form a y or v

Im trying to split edges so as to form a v, this is for a hand tutorial, the first image is what i have with the edges selected that I want to split, the second image is from the tutorial and is thus my goal. Between the fingers where it forms and upside down v is what I want to create.

How should I go abouts achieveing this?


It probably can be done in Blender but this hand tutorial is written for Wings3D or similar modelling program. If you don’t have it, get it ( www.wings3d.com ). Wings is much better at subdivisionmodedlling than Blender. Wings-files can be imported into Blender, where the model can betextured and rendered.

Thanks, ive downloaded wings 3d and after an hour or so fixed the color scheme which made my color blindness impossible to see the selected edges, verts and faces. I have completed the dog house tutorial found in the manual and have discovered my lost youth. Thanks very much for telling me about Wings, though I hope that some of these special ablilities that wings has will be brought into blender.

I hope that this movie project blender is pareticipateing in will bring attention to blender and hopefully as it becomes more popular, more programers will volunteer to help develop blender even further. Im especialy hopefull that blender will get a proper boolean operation and will hopefully get these features (inset, cut, edit repeat drag) that I see in wings.

I have done some computer programing in C++ and a few scriptiong languages such as perl, but maybe some day I will delve into the world of python and perhaps contribute something to blender. Best of luck to all of the blender development team, awsome program.

Could you not use the recently added knife tool to split the edges?

Select vertices then hit Shift K

Could you not use the recently added knife tool to split the edges?

Select vertices then hit Shift K

Hi vince, I tryed the knife tool, Shift K as sugested but do not achieve the results desired…

Maybe I am doing it wrong or maybe I did not properly explain what I am trying to do. Below I have a before and after of my goal, I acomplished this in blender using the subdivide tool, deleting edges the extra verticies and edges, then fusing together to form new faces. It was quite a bit of involvement. If there is a simple way of doing this in blender that would be much prefered, since I would be dealing with one application rather then two.


You dont need to use the subdivide tool, as this can divide surfaces that you dont want.

The way i have just completed what you ask is as follows:-

make sure you are are not in shaded mode (toggle using z) this ensures that when selecting lines on top of one another all lines moving into the screen are selected, not just the top one.

enter edit mode (tab)

go to plan view (key 7)

enter knife tool (shift k ) select midpoint option. now draw a u shaped split curve which splits the two lines to either side of the lower centre vertices (acually selects four cut edges/points). Then hit enter.

deselect all then select the two middle vertex points(hold shift whilst selecting), hit delete, to remove them.

now reconstruct the faces, by selecting vertices (whilst holding shift) then hit f to create faces. (a triangle on top and bottom face, and a square on the front face.)

This is the quickest way I know. Remember that a face constructed from four points is the same as two triangles. (Blender divides them anywhay before solving a render ), but if you want exactly as you have shown, you can select the faces and hit del faces, then reconstruct.

Other commands to try are available in the specials menu (W key) . Merge is useful, (select two vertices , hit w , merge at centre etc.

Hope this helps as I know importing meshes etc. and swapping between programs is a pain.

I am not quite sure what you mean, I tryed shift k and select midpoints but nomater how I cut it I cant achive the result, I think for now ill stick with wings

In the Scripts window under Mesh there’s “Unweld”. I’m surprised it hasn’t been mentioned.


Just tryed the Script->Mesh->Unweld with each option but no success, perhaps you can explain alittle futher.

Depending on which method you choose it splits the selected verts into 2. Even with the “With Noise” option you can’t see the division, but if you grab one of the verts you’ll leave the other behind.
Try it on something else to get the hang of it.


Ok, I tryed again this time selecting only the two verticies and then after the unweld, selecting the verticies and I can now see what you mean. This is as close to a solution anyone has sugested so far, congrads, though it seems I still have some work to do i.e. F to make new faces.

I hope that in the future we will see a script or internal tool that will do exactly what i need, for now I will continue with my Blender/Wings combo.

Thanks for all the eforts so far.