split faces (having problem with it)

(jeotero) #1

please check the picture to understand the question

i wanna split these face across the green line creating vertex points in the purple X but I always get the red lines.

So my question is how do I avoid getting the red lines everywhere ?
thanks for your help

(S68) #2

Way 1

1 select vertexes.
2 Goto mesh edit (F9)
3 Press BEAUTY

will split LONGER sides, so it may be good

Way 2

1 Select all vertexes left of green line
2 Extrude has much as the distance between green line and left vertexes is
3 Reselect all vertexes left of green line
4 Move them back


(jeotero) #3

way 1 try doesnt work, way 2 HUH :o ?

lets say that i started this object as a cilynder then i extruded but now im needing another “let’s call it” row of vertex points there.


Anybody has any experience on 3dsmax, what im trying to do is like using a slice plane to slice all those faces in half.

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OOOOPS , my mistake beauty works

What is beauty for ?

(S68) #5

Say you have made a cylinder

and extruded a base two times.


You want to add a new set of vertexes in the Middle

You select the ORANGE vertexes


And Extrude. This creates the GREEN VERTEXES and LINES


Now you can move back the Orange vertexes…


(hermy) #6

wow, nice trick stefano, it sure will come in handy sometime 8)

(jeotero) #7

SOMETIME ! this is a godsend tip for me