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Annoyingly it really isn’t that simple, even for the naive all you have to do to get a new IP is restart your router. etc

As for antagonism, that’s my artistic point… CENSORSHIP is antagonistic, especially BIASED political censorship on the level of propaganda. What Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, GoDuddy, Apple, etc did is straight out of Orwells 1984, pure Communist censorship… Treating us like worthless slaves. You may think I’m being over-dramatic, I’m not… Look around the world, see what is happening… Listen to the other sides, not just your own little echo chamber built around you by these mass media companies.

Again on antagonism, should I be scared of these companies, are they the new law makers?

Those companies refuse to even pay taxes in other countries, they’re thieves who sell your and your families’ data

I daren’t even update Android, installed /e/ OS on my phone instead

Yes it’s awful that a few tech billonaires control democracy. But that is what free market capitalism dictates. Profit over people.

The answer would be the state taking cotrol over the tech monopolies and letting the people decide democratically how to run these channels and what rules should apply. A twitter owned and controlled by the people. A socialized internet, or dare I say … communist?

I liked your image because to thought you were being ironic.

But it is not the USA that is censoring it but a private company, he who must not be named can still go online to other platforms. So making Communism doesn’t make much sense to me because it is not state owned but a private company.


Wow restarting your router is all you need to do? :exploding_head: I did not know that lol. No you shouldn’t be scared but if you want a good reputation on them or you enjoy them then that’s not that good but ye U do have multiple accounts. I wonder if there is anything more effective then an IP ban. Maybe if they found ones location then any accounts coming from that location could be blocked. Also what is the thing that changes IP when you restart the router, the router or the computer?

wesley, that is a good point but…the issue at hand is a portion of the US political body is protecting the private companies in a way that benefits them with propaganda and vice versa.

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Okay I have a problem with this. A few months ago we had some political renders advocating for the American political left. I flagged it and commented on it and nothing was done on it. So socialist commentary is acceptable while conservative commentary is either censored or removed to a different section.

Got it. Peace.

So far as I can tell there’s no rule against political art here (good thing, since nothing in human existence is untouched by politics), and the Weekend Challenge sometimes has overtly political themes with little trouble (last one I remember was Soviet Propaganda).

I guess the weekend challenge is not immune to political polarization which is a shame. I’ll probably take a bit of a break as well. This was one of the few places left for me online where I could escape politics but no more. I have opinions on the matter but sharing would not de-escalate the situation and realistically they’d just be another in a long thread of valid opinions (each of which the beholder believes is 100% the truth) so I’ll just stay out of it for a couple weeks while it gets figured out and perhaps focus on a personal project or two. Happy blendering :slight_smile:

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The topic is friendly weekend challenge, not a political tribune. Posting, and discussing, artwork within the theme of the challenge is one thing. Derailing the topic with political discourse, and attempting to poison everyone’s fun with toxic attitude, is another.

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Stan, thank you for the reply.

I completely agree. My issue was it seems a little one sided on which topics are allowable and which are not.

The last thing I want is a toxic environment. This has bee a fun site where I have had the pleasure to see young artists really getting a handle on this wonderful tool. We, as a group, have ventured on touchy topics before but have had open and honest conversations. But as of late, politics has been rearing its ugly head in here but only one side seems to be offensive.

All I would ask for is fairness.

@KickAir_8P, agree. My issue was the removal of one political view when the opposing view was left up after several of us raised concerns with it. The depiction of police as pigs.

But hopefully enough on this topic on this thread. Wish everyone the best and hope for fun future contests.

Duke Nukem 3D?

I didnt see the origin of this cause,
but i am against censorship no matter what as long there is no direct attack to a living person or living family they may got offended, child abuse and similar. If it is were easy i would say post your art as you want but no “war” disussions over it. But i guess that is not working.
For me i would like to see, let the art online and lock out all members who cant keep an friendly discussion for 2 weeks to calm down.

As said i didnt see the origin, but if the title was “police as pigs”, that falls not under politics for me, thats under human rights for the victims, and so should definitly not be censored. Even if it would only one case of police brutality overall. Also i have posted an art in that direction too, maybe too subtle, so it was not censored. If it would, i have make a rant.


I’m using simplified characters Chinese.

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Don’t worry, this is not about you. There was everything fine with your entry. :slight_smile:

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I have made many conservative-leaning posts that stayed up, and I have also seen leftist screeds flagged. As long as you can lay out your point in an articulate and civil manner (along with keeping the rule on politics in mind), it is fine.

I haven’t seen any rules about politics on this forum in either the ToS or the FAQ – I’d very much like to read this, where is it?

Maybe is human rights them, to depict police as pigs is akin to portray another people as monkeys (it is dehumanizing), and then people would really get heated.
While policy brutality exists, it is a reflex in great part to the violent environment they have to deal with.

I am not an native english speaker, so i possible dont get the nuance right. For me in that case the phrase “… as pig” is not a dehumanizing one, special in that case about an behaviour not the being itself. If i use this words i dont have in mind to dehumanize someone, or put him on an another level with animals. It is an expression, not an good one, but only an expression how you feel about some acts and behave, not what they are. We are all humans.

Well i can understand that police brutality exists and where it comes from. But if you can only answer brutality with more brutality you already lost. It is not only the fault from the police, the government has a big part on it too. Binding the salary to arrests. Privatizing prisons and let money dictate the reintegration. Nobody needs to study to see that these things a build in errors and problems.