Split mesh into separate planes

Hello everyone.
I need to split a mesh in planes (one per face), how can I do?
I would also like to manipulate such planes as if the mesh weren’t split.

Thanks if you help.

I’m not sure if I understand the question. Can you show a picture with drawing on it?
I use the knife tool to split planes into more planes, or subdivide surface.

I’m sorry, I can’t until October 21, because I ran out of mobile data (gigs), and I’m using that at home.
Right now I’m using a cafe’s wifi and I can’t use my pc.
Anyhow, the question is: how can I split a mesh to 1 plane per face?
In example, a cube should turn in 6 planes.
The second question is: is it possible to edit cube from example above as if it were a single object?

By the way, thanks for now.

In edit mode select all and Ctrl+E > Edge Split

Non-destructive method: edge split modifier with angle set to 0.

You both saved my life. Thanks a lot!