Split mesh with curve or other mesh?

I just want to chop up a mesh model using specific curves that I can control. I want to produce multiple separate objects. any way to do this?

thanks very much.

I would recomend another way…
In Editmode select all Faces that you want to build a new mesh.
Hit Shift+D to duplicate thouse faces.
Hit P to separate them into a new mesh.
The rest is just finetuning…
Hope that helps, have Fun!

Use booleans :confused:

i guess that means there is no way to do it? those are the difficult ways. I am coming from a CAD/industrial design direction so its a very common tool in other softwares.


Here is my way for chopping an egg:
I hope that finaly will help you!

Your .7z file is unaccessible under windows.

What is in that file?

the .7z -file is a compressed file, just right click -> save target as and then use winrar or some other program to extract it

It’s an archive file with a video inside.
Download 7-Zip - http://www.7-zip.org/