split polygon

(dante) #1

In maya, you can split a face using the Split Polygon tool. How would you do this in blender?

sorry for all the questions at once, guys. Thanks a ton to those of you that have responded to my earlier posts.


(theeth) #2

what does the split polygon tool does?

You can always try Subdivide (W, 1), but that’s probably not what you want.

There’s also Ctrl-T which triangulates the quads.


(dante) #3

The split polygon tool will basicly split a face between two user-defined points on two different edges on one face.

(TurboG) #4

No tool exactly like that in blender ( I think ). I recall seeing a script to do it when you selected 2 points and pressed a button. I might be able to dig it up. I have a lot of junk scattered around to look through though…Search around maybe?

(viktorivar) #5

This tool can cut polygons.

(dante) #6

i dont speak italian. :slight_smile: What do I need to run this script?


(dante) #7

does anyone know how you can adjust the direction the face is split with this script?

(viktorivar) #8


Broken english, but may help anyway.

(dante) #9

it doesnt say how to change the direction in which you can split faces…

(thatbrikwal) #10

rusty knife is more akin to the lightwave bandsaw. if you select two faces, it will slice a new edge along those two faces. It’s more predictable when you select a whole row or ring of faces that goes all the way aound the model.

(Riskbreaker) #11

Theres no polygon split tool like Maya’s in Blender. I’ve used Maya and Lightwave.
If you want something like that, Wings3d is worth a look. Wings3d seems to have a lot of things that are missing/not included in blender.

(seval) #12

I think that the main point is…even if you use a tool like this in Maya or Wings.(a knife tool), exporting a mesh like that into blender will leave you missing all of the five verticed faces. The rusty knife script, while it is a useful tool, has it’s limitations.