split-polys tool?

This might seem basic, but I couldn’t find an answer in google or anywhere…

I wanted to know if there is a way to do the following in blender (I have seen it done in Maya):

-a person can focus in on the edge of a polygonal face
-they can place a vertice anywhere they want along the edge of the face, and the vertice will become PART of that edge

  • then they can put another vertice on a different edge of the same face
  • both vertices become connected to one another with a new edge that is created between them

in that way, the polygonal face has been split in two by an edge created inside of it.

I HAVE contrived a way to do this in blender, but it is VERY slow and unnatural. If there is a quick way to do this, it will defenitely increase my efficiencey.

Face selected, in edit mode, Shft-K, Exact Line?


Hit K for the knife menu, choose exact, cut the line for the two new vertices you want to create for the edges, then hit enter to confirm it.

thank you, is there any way to prevent it from adding lines to other poly-faces in the mesh?

that’s a powerful tool!! so is the loop tool that comes up in the menu that k summons!! YAY

You kinda have to have the lines in the adjecent polys too, cuz when you split an edge you split the polys on both sides of it. Other wise you could end up with a tear at that spot when you render.

Actually I have one more important question regarding the k-tool
Is there a way to make a cut from a corner, beginning with the vertice that is already there -and NOT creating a NEW veritce?

thanks for any response…

Just a guess, but even if you do create another vertice, just select rem doubles (edit mode, mesh tools panel) and the extra(s) will be deleted.

I tried that and it doesn’t seem to work. I think that it puts the vertices just far enough away from one another that you can’t ssimply ‘rem doubles’.
For now I’m stuck with the inefficient process of having to place the cursor where the permanent vertice is, then merging both vertices at the cursor…

The Limit number input right next to rem doubles allows you to specify the distance between vertices that Blender uses to calculate doubles.


place your 3D cursor where the actual corner is…

select the two vertices…

press [Alt+M], then click [at cursor] in the popup requestor…

or, click [at center] and the two vertices will “meld” at the center

i hope that helps…