Split this forum into pre-2.5 and post-2.5

As the title says, I belive that the changes that are about to happen in Blender Python warant a change in this forum. :cool:

The more I read this forum, the more I see advice for 2.5 getting mixed up with advice for pre-2.5 stuff. This is only going to get worse as 2.5 continues its development. So may I put it to the admins of Blender Artists, how about splitting the python forum into 2 parts?

Any thoughts people?

ok sorry but wrong forum!

should be in " news and discussion "

1 - 2.5 and 2.4x are 2 worlds

2- when searching how do you get only what’s for 2.5 or 2.4x?

3 - same thing with wiki we need 2 forums one for 2.5 and 2.4x

4 - the scripts are totaly independant and mixing is not a good idea

5 - we also need 2 blender nation one for the world of 2.4x and one for 2.5

6 - We also needs 2 books one for the old 2.4x and one for the next generation 2.5

This is so obvious that it should be done as soon as possible to keep things as simple as possible before 2.5 comes out in october!

so hope this can be done it would help everybody to find things for each world
faster and simpler for what your looking
and don’t have to discriminate between the 2 worlds!

happy blendring

it would be useful and more comprehensive for newcomers yes, at least for python/script forum. +1 !
I suppose 2.49 and 2.50 will be used together in 2010, one for its existing scripts, and another one for its new features.

I disagree with your point 5 and 6!

I still think that it would be wiser to have a forum dedicated to python blender 2.5+ as there are some major changes.

2.5 is not backward compatible
and mostly with a new API it’s totaly uncompatible

but also new tools will be added and this make 2.5 a major break with the pass old 2.4x serie

so i think it would be wiser to keep theses beast as seperate entity
for eveything

would mak life easier for new comers and others too

happy blendering

Spliting the forums would be a great idea. As im starting to look at python for 2.5.

+1 for new forum. the py api is completely different. Also, any tutorials or such posted anywhere really need to clearly say 2.5.