Split up model with planes

Hi guys,
Beginner here with Blender and was wondering if there is a way to split up a model using planes. Like in my example below, is there an easy way to use the planes to split up the model and end up with 4 closed objects? If not, is this something that could be achievable using scripting?

Split model.blend (559.8 KB)

I don’t think there’s a way to do it with a simple click, but there are several ways to do it, one of the simplest would be to give a very thin thickness to your planes and give your cone a Boolean with the planes as Object

Thanks a lot for your reply, I guess that could be a way to do it but I’m trying to keep the original size of the shapes as much as possible.

you can duplicate your cone (shift D then directly Enter), then create several cube that you use as boolean > Difference in order to cut a part every time

Hmm that also sounds lik a lot of manual labor. The example I gave was just generic to the problem.

I might just have found a work around inspired by your suggestion (or maybe this is what you meant?):

  • Create a box with the distance between the planes like I was after
  • Add an array modifier to the box with a distance that leaves the same height of the box in between the pieces
  • Create a boolean intersect using that arrayed box like so:
  • Copy both original object and arrayed box
  • Move arrayed box up with height of layers

Two questions I have:

  • Is there a way to make a copy of an object linked to that object? Such that if I change the original Cone, the copy of the cone also changes therefore keeping the layered structure
  • Is there an easy way to split each layered cone object into an own objects when I’m done?

to link-duplicate an object you select it and alt D instead of shift D

I didn’t understand your method but if it works for what you need, fine :wink: actually maybe give as much precision as possible on your final purpose, because of course the right solution will depend on that

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Alt D, nice!

Here’s my file to explain:

Split model.blend (561.3 KB)

The question I have is this. In the following image, how do I turn this 1 object with several pieces, into several objects with each 1 piece (so each layer is becomes its own object)

You need to apply the modifier, then select all in Edit mode and P (Separate) > By Loose Parts

Bu if you want to apply the modifiers your objects can’t be linked-duplicated, you need to go in the header menu > Object > Relations > Make Single User > Object & Data

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That’s it, awesome, thanks!