Spliting & Rounding?

Hi. I am modeling a human body and I am having a problem. Right now, he has few verticies and is square. In the book I am following, Building A Digital Human by Ken Brilliant, it says to now subdivide. In the book, it gets rounder and its’ faces get split. If I SubSurf once, I get the desired roundness, but not the extra vertecies. If I then Subdivide, it becomes like a rounded square and I get the verticies I want. How can I get the rounded shape and the extra verticies? Thanks.



Why don’t you try Subdivide-Smooth? (from the W popup menu)

You can also try ‘convert subsurf to mesh’ hotkey ‘alt C’

Sorry Modron, I am not sure what you mean.


If you want to make your subsurface into a mesh, you can do so by pressing ‘alt c’ with your mesh selected. This will add more vertices, but it will be nice and rounded, as opposed to if you subdivided, in which case you would get somewhat squarish results.

I’m sorry, I’m a total noob. First I took my guy and set SubSurf to 2 and he got the desired roundness. Then I went to Object mode and hit Alt+C and the menu came up and I selected Mesh. Nothing happened. What am I doing wrong?


You did nothing wrong.
With Alt+C you converted the subsurface to a Mesh and kept the original mesh with the subsurface. There are two objects at the same place now.

To be more clear (try to… will be difficult)

Lets say you have a cube (8 veritices).
You turn subsurf 1 on.
The cube still has editable 8 vertices but it shows up in the viewport and the render as it would have 26 vertices and is smoothed.
This is the subsurface (kind of a virtual surface).

Now if you convert the subsurface to a mesh it becomes an object of its own with 26 editable vertices.
It’s in the same place as the original cube mesh (you kept the original).
Meaning, two same looking objects with different properies are laying over each other.
Select your object, move it a bit and you will see what I mean.

If you compare the two objects in edit mode you will get the meaning of subsurface and converting it to a mesh.

Ah! I think I got it! Thanks a bunch guys!