Splitscreen? [Just read it, NOT AN OLD QUESTION!]

Can the side by side stereo view-thingy in 2.35 be used to make a splitscreen game?

Actually, what I mean is: because the side by side thingy is possible, is splitscreen possible?

not by using the stero view thing directly, because it doesn’t let you set the position and rotation of each camera individually

maybe it can be modified for it though, but I still think that would be a lot of work [for one thing, if the cameras are defined to be seperate the culling must be done more than once]

Splitscreen would be a good feature for a future release.

hmm… will blender get new physics options in future releases?
Splitscreen defenatly would make a great difference in making rally games…

Splitscreen in possible using another way to do things. Create just 1 game with 2 players. Player 1 opens runtime 1, player 2 opens runtime 2. Not the positions of player 1 and player 2 are set to a little python script outside those runtimes, sending each positions to another runtime and import it using ingame python script: example:

  1. player 1, runtime 1, python sets positions > send to outstanding python console
  2. player 2, runtime 2, python set positions > send to outstanding python console.
  3. python console, send data player 1 to player 2, sens also data from player 2 to player 1.
  4. runtime player 1 imports data player 2, sets player 2 ingame positions which are received. and see’s player 2 moving around. (also same for player 1)

This is the basic how multiplayer, lan gaming works. even useable to game on same pc with same game. :smiley:
Only find a way to send each other each players data. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok I found and old source that was posted a while ago on Elysiun. It contains the tricks I told above this post. Isa saves each players data and the the data got readed by the another players blend file.

The idea works fine. You can modify the game by making 2 runtimes of the blend files, then create a python script that when you double click it, it auto starts the 2 runtimes on the same time. Then it’s just a way of finding your keys (you also have to change if you play on 1 pc) and race with your friend. :slight_smile:

If you are able to put those runtimes on a network server and directly run those exe’s from that pc using a network. You an play it on a LAN if all the files are still together in the same dir on the network server.

Enjoy it, it’s an another way then using splitscreen. :stuck_out_tongue:

here the link: