Splittin Objects Technique

I just saw this video, and I would like to create a similar effect (in Blender,ofc) but I can’t really figure out a way to split the vechicle like you see in the video. If you could give me some hints about how should I aproach this, using Blender, I’d be verry grateful.

Duplicate the car and a mask modifier to each.
Each car has its own deform mesh modifier.
Add bones to the deform mesh so as you can animate the split.

As for the glow, thats to do with texturing, which is not my strong point. But would almost definetly require compositing.


Koumis’s advice will work, and work well.

I went a different route. Left and right sides of the car as separate objects. Added lattices to each side of the car, and lattice modifiers to the mesh. I used shapekeys on the lattices and made it work.

See attached file…


This should be posted in the animation support section, you’ll get better response there…


lattice_example.blend (520 KB)